Now anyone with an Phone and Internet connection can have access to real-time Next Gen Crypto With an easy-to-use interface and smooth design, #TCHApp boasts a number of features that we will continue to update in later releases

Project ahead of its schedule

Big step towards crypto mass adoption mobile app that will turn cryptocurrencies into money that you can spend with the same ease as cash. Shop around the world and pay with your coins and tokens at any NFC terminal, or via scanning the QR codes. Make purchases in online stores, pay your bills, or just send money across borders in seconds, reliably and for a fraction of a penny.

With the app and the #TCHApp Token we will empower peer-to-peer services & Grow with Flagship Asset - #TCHApp We want to give the people the ability to buy, sell, convert and manage any digital asset

We have BIG plans and we are now just at the beginning of #TCHApp journey - Mobile Exchange + Lending + Staking + MarketPlace+Communication

Mobile Exchange App is Next 100x Opportunity 2019-2021 is still relatively new in the crypto world, it draws its inspiration from financial security trading — a much-welcomed sign of maturing attitudes in the crypto economy.

12000+ Active #ThoreNetwork Userbase

The Most Anticipated 200000 TCHApp

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30 TCHApp
For Each Download
20 TCHApp
For Each Refererred Download
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Trade on the go

#TCHApp Token sale

PreSale I

Completed raised over 1000+ ETH!

Presale II

#TCHApp Token Presale II will be the first opportunity for the general public to participate in the new Ambitious Thore Project Presale II will offer #TCHApp tokens directly through #ThoreTreasury

#TCHApp Presale III Information

  • Token Available for Presale III : 1 MN Only
  • Price per Unit: 1 #TCHApp = US$ 0.18
  • Minimum Purchase: 0.05 BTC Maximum 1 BTC Worth
  • Acceptable Currency:

Usage of Funds

Marketing 45%
Platform Upgrade and support 35%
Service Licensing 15%
Legal Finance 5%

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