Each marketplace faces its own unique challenges, as every platform is different. Being the Airbnb for X or the Uber for Y does not mean that it will work. Exploring all the nuances of the marketplace model is critical to understanding if there is an enduring business to be built.

#TCHApp MarketPlace would generate high-dollar, high-frequency transactions. create tremendous value for participants and therefore for the marketplace itself. Flush with Tokenised cash, the business would also be able to spend significant amounts of money to acquire new users & market

#TCHAPP possible to sell or buy any other items in exchange for #Thore digital assets- without engaging fiat money in these processes. #TCHApp Ebay like online marketplace model to create the efficient way to get cryptocurrency or spend it on tangible goods without engaging fiat money in these processes. On the one hand, those people who do not have cryptocurrency yet will be able to become crypto investors in an easy and safe manner, simply by selling something that they own. On the other hand, expert crypto owners will be able to spend their crypto wealth on real goods without converting digital coins to fiat money Sellers can take advantage of the international user base(60+ countries) and sell fast and without any commissions. #SpendTCH - #Coming

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